Playtime: Putting the Fun Into Monster Parents

I am Toby Leung and Playtime is my graduation film at Edinburgh College of Art. I have always been fascinated by the imaginative world of animation, where monsters exist and toys come alive. I want to make films that invite audiences into this world, and that brings joy to audiences of all ages.


I love to use personified monsters as characters to reflect the possible relationship between an adult and a child. I borrowed the concept from the term “Monster Parent”, that is to describe parents who are often over protective or over authoritative of their children.

It has become a popular parenting phenomenon over the past ten years especially in Asian countries. I am originally from Hong Kong and I have seen the negative impact that such parenting has on children’s independence and creative development.

I believe all parents should remember the fun and joy every child deserves to have as a kid.

Playtime is a computer generated animation. I primarily used the 3D package Maya to make my characters and to animate. I spent four months in pre-production, that includes writing the story, drawing drafts after drafts of storyboard and character designs, etc. After that I spent another three to four months on animating and post-production.

The Making of Playtime

The making of Playtime has been a huge challenge since I managed mostly every stage of production by myself.

It is also the longest film that I have ever made. It consists of over ten thousand frames, where each frame can take up to one hour to render on a single machine.

Thankfully with the render-farm (a collective of 30 beefy computers dedicated to just rendering) in our college, I was able to render out my film over two weeks.

For further updates, you can visit Toby Leung’s Instagram account. There’s also his Vimeo channel, where he uploads the latest clips from his Playtime project.

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