Supporting #nextgenfilm

2018 marks the third year of Barnes Film Festival, without a doubt, our best year yet. We are very excited about this year’s programme and look forward to official announcements closer to the time.

Our Mission

Creating a film festival requires passion but also a reason, London already has plenty of fantastic festivals which offer wonderful opportunities. Our aim, since the beginning, has been to inspire, support and promote the next generation of filmmakers (hence the use of the hashtag #nextgenfilm).

We do this by bringing together established filmmakers and new talent through our many events, including screenings, talks, Q&As, workshops, film competitions and much more that we are working on.

Barnes is a beautiful district in the borough of Richmond Upon Thames and it blends with the incredible nature around it. We know the importance of conserving our environment, which is why we keep nature as part of the festival’s image.

Considering the potentially tremendous footprint of filmmaking, each year we bring the discussion to the many filmmakers that pass through the festival and encourage them to consider how they can make their filmmaking process more sustainable.

The focus on the next generation brought us to question our film screenings, we want to make sure to offer wonderful films made by great cinema masters, but also feature the new talent in the industry. We decided then to create a programme that combines new debut films with the debut films of those already established and highly celebrated filmmakers.

Many people dream of being in the movies, many of them have an urge that takes them to produce a film. This is where you come to show that film, learn something new, discover amazing new talent, be inspired, and meet others who share your dream.

We have the location, we have the support and we have the passion. All we need is your talent. Welcome to Barnes Film Festival.

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