Mission Statement


I realised for a young filmmaker, it is really hard to get your film shown at a festival, so that’s when I started thinking about setting up a new film festival that would create opportunities for young people and allow them to get a foot in the door of the industry. A focus on more youthful contributors is really important to the future of film in the UK, this is where our slogan comes from ‘Celebrating the next generation of filmmakers’.

A major objective of the festival is to bring together film industry leaders to share skills and knowledge with young film makers irrespective of background. This is why Barnes is an ideal location for a film festival. We have a variety of screening venues, industry professionals who live locally and the town has an ideal layout and a fantastic community. Altogether, with the support of our generous sponsors and ambassadors, Barnes is allowing us to develop a film festival that is here to stay.

Films need an audience. You may be able to distribute your film through social media, however, there is nothing like seeing an audience watching your film on the big screen and experiencing their initial reaction to your work. This is why film festivals are so important and we have worked hard to source and carefully select the right type of venue for each film we are showing so that they get the audience and atmosphere that the filmmakers deserve.

Our aim is to become the festival where the UK film industry’s new talent is discovered. We have the location, we have the support and we have the passion. All we need is your talent. Welcome to Barnes Film Festival.

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