Under 12s workshops… So you wanna be a filmmaker?

It’s not every day you get a chance to learn how to write movie scripts, design your own costumes, laugh until you cry or play Zip Zap Zop with a group of professionals from the film and TV industry. So when Castelnau Community Centre opened its doors this Saturday to a team of costume designers, actors, comedians and authors, each armed with the knowledge and experience to amaze and enlighten young minds, there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. In fact, every single workshop was a sell-out.

Kicking off the morning, with enough laughter to make your belt ping off and your trousers fall down, was the ‘School Of Comedy’ workshop, run by Laura Lawson. With the motto, ‘There’s a clown in everyone,’ our young comedians were encouraged to put their inhibitions aside and join in with all kinds of ridiculous nonsense and fun. Forget maths tests and grammar homework, ‘School of Comedy’ turned out to be your not-so-average type of school!




Following an hour and a half of silliness, kids were invited to join experienced costume-maker Kim Mackay in a hands-on costume designing workshop. From shimmering foil-covered crop tops to colourful pom-pom embellished leggings, by the end of the workshop there were enough costumes to dress an entire cast. Next  year we’d like to see these incredible costumes on a catwalk, please!



From costume designing we moved on to a workshop in scriptwriting with children’s author Megan Cullis. Scribbles of dialogue, scene setting and character questionnaires were transformed into mini-movies, performed by the young scriptwriters themselves.



And ending the jam-packed morning at Castelnau was the acting workshop – without doubt the most popular workshop with over twenty budding actors keen to try their hands at performing. Led by actors Sebastian Croft (Game of Thrones), Christian Morrall and Carmen Flynn, our young movie stars learned how to use their voices and express their emotions, developing an understanding of what it’s REALLY like to act in front of a camera.




We’d like to say a huge thank you to Simon Roach at Castelnau Community Centre for providing us with such a perfect venue, complete with delicious snacks and sandwiches at the cafe (parents: take note for next year!). Also a big thank you to Rhi Thompson at Usborne Books for her fantastic selection of Usborne books for sale. From the happy and excited faces that filled Castelnau by the end of the morning, we predict our festival workshops will only get bigger and better next year!







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