Barnes Film Festival’s venues

Samuel Pepys Theatre

The Samuel Pepys theatre, located at Saint Paul’s school along Lonsdale Road, will host some of the events of the Barnes Film Festival. Named after the famous diary-writing MP of the 17th Century, the theatre has been built as part of the Saint Paul’s school’s renewal project. It can host up to 280 people and is in use by the school’s drama department as well as having its own public performance license. Its layout boasts the highest level in any department of comfort or facilitation that a theatre might require, including open spaces, state of the art lighting and sound equipment, and two levels of seating. Find out more here.


The Olympic Cinema

The Olympic Cinema, situated in the middle of Barnes, has undergone many changes over the years. Originally opening in 1906 as an early entertainment theatre. It reopened and reinvented itself many times over the 20th century as different film cinemas and stage theatres until 1966, where after a few years as a television commercial studio, it became a music recording studio, recording the music of many iconic music artists, including 6 consecutive albums of the Rolling Stones and film music from the picture “The Italian Job”, among other notable recordings. Its final reinvention brings it into the 21st century, where it is now a luxury film cinema presenting the latest Hollywood has to show for themselves each week. Connected to a members club and popular restaurant as well, the Cinema is now a recognised institution in the neighbourhood of Barnes. For the festival, it gives a respectable pair of screen rooms, each with their own reclining seats and powerful dolby sound system. The theatre holds 201 patrons in total, Screens One and Two holding 71 and 130 people respectively. Found out more at here.


The OSO Arts Centre

The OSO Arts Centre is situated in the Barnes Green by the pond. It is used frequently by the friendly community as an event centre, a space available for a range of events from music to art to comedy and drama. The centre has been a charitable trust since 2012. Members of the community are able to volunteer their time for the facilities of the centre that keep it together and allow it to function steadily. These facilities include: a cafe, a bar, an event set-up and a box office, among others. As well as the many other smaller endeavours for the centre, one of the most notable events that will be taking place at the OSO is the Barnes Fringe, which will see the attendance of many recognisable comedians such as Lee Nelson, Ed Gamble, Phil Wang and Matt Forde. Find out more here.


The Castelnau Community Centre

The Castelnau Centre, like the OSO, is another staple of the Barnes community. Located in the Barnes area, closer to Hammersmith Bridge than the OSO. It, too, hosts a variety of community events, such as fitness classes, youth clubs and theatre groups. The centre provides an important service to the neighbourhood, providing members of the local community a space to express themselves, learn new skills and teach old ones as well. Find out more here.


The Harrodian Auditorium

The Harrodian school, along with Saint Paul’s, is one of the most well known educational establishments in the Barnes area. Teaching over 1000 pupils, the school is known for its emphasis on artistic expression. Much of this expression takes place in the walls of the auditorium, which is used frequently for the music, drama and assembly events that have taken place in each term of the school’s academic years. Find out more about the school here.


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