Writer and film maker Lucy Siegle to host a live Q&A at BFF’s opening night

We’re delighted to announce that Lucy Siegle, Executive Producer of the acclaimed documentary film The True Cost, will be joining us at Barnes Film Festival’s Opening Gala Evening on Friday 2nd September at London Wetlands Centre. During the evening, which will include a formal drinks reception followed by a private screening of The True Cost, Lucy will be taking questions from the floor for a live Q&A. We’re thrilled to have such a talented writer and film maker on board to support our Festival, and look forward to hearing her insights into all things Green, film and fashion to mark the beginning of the weekend’s events.


Lucy Siegle: writer and film maker


Lucy has written on environmental and social justice issues for the Guardian/Observer since 2004. She is also known as a TV presenter, primarily for The One Show.


But ten years ago she began researching the environmental footprint of the clothes in her closet with the idea of writing a piece. Her findings – from the massive levels of pollution caused by textiles – to the human slavery in the supply chains of major fast fashion brands – turned her into an investigative journalist and activist. In many ways she is still unravelling that story today.


In 2011 she catalogued the real footprint of fashion in a critically acclaimed book, To Die For: is fashion wearing out the world? where she also made a case for the burgeoning sustainable fashion scene.


In her film work, Lucy is focused on bringing ethics and aesthetics! She merges activism with sublime imagery showing sustainability at its best. She directed Green Cut, premiered at the 2012 London Film Festival and winner of Fashion Film’s Documentary Award.


Lucy is dedicated to cleaning up fashion (the size and scope of the industry make this an environmental and human imperative). Her appearances include a sell-out date at the Sydney Opera House during the All About Women Festival. She continues to engage audiences all over the world in this mission. On stage she has recently interviewed Emma Watson on ethics in fashion and this year will also be in conversation with Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood.


After the Rana Plaza tragedy Lucy was approached by LA based film maker, Andrew Morgan of UNTOLD LA to collaborate on The True Cost, a clear-sighted and acclaimed documentary on the reality of today’s fashion industry, connecting consumers to the garment workers that make their everyday clothes. Lucy is enormously proud of Andrew Morgan’s movie and delighted to attend the Barnes Film Festival in her capacity as Executive Producer.


Tickets to Barnes Film Festival Opening Gala Evening are available on our website at http://barnesfilmfestival.com/  Limited tickets available.

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