Stanley Tucci becomes BFF Patron!

We are excited to announce that legendary actor and Barnesian Stanley Tucci has become a Patron of the Barnes Film Festival.


Stanley Tucci is an Academy Award nominated actor, a writer, director and producer. A native New Yorker, Tucci made his professional acting debut on Broadway at the age of just 21. Movies roles soon followed, and over the past 30 years he has built a reputation as one of American’s finest stage and screen actors.

He is known for his roles in The Pelican Brief, Beethoven, Kiss of Death, Road to Perdition, Conspiracy, The Lovely Bones, The Devil Wears Prada, Julie & Julia, the Fifth Estate, and most recently Spotlight and the Hunger Games trilogy. In 1996 he wrote and directed his first film, the critically acclaimed Big Night; he went on to write and direct several other films.

The multiple Golden Globe and Emmy winner (amongst other accolades) was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in the 2009 film Lovely Bones, a role that also garnered him a BAFTA nomination. He was also nominated for a Grammy for his work recording a spoken word album for children.

Tucci has lived in Barnes for several years and loves the area due to “its proximity to the river, the nearby Wetland Centre and its beautiful duck pond.” A regular at the Barnes Farmers Market (which he calls “the best of its kind in London”), he and his wife Felicity Blunt co-authored a cookbook, The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends, during their time living here (he had previously authored The Tucci Cookbook and co-owned a restaurant in upstate New York). We like to think Barnes and its reputation as one of the best foodie neighbourhoods in London has been one of the inspirations behind his recent culinary endeavours. And like many coming to the Barnes Film Festival, he may want to indulge in some of the fine food and drink on offer at our official supporter and chief venue, the Olympic Studios. Or to tie this blog post back to the BFF’s theme (being ever on message!) which this year is the Environment, hopefully he will enjoy another chance to visit the Wetland Centre as they are one of the other main venues for the Festival!




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