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I’m Laura, the second to blog on this site. I recently joined the festival team, having worked at the Bristol Shakespeare Festival and at The Hay Festival before. Those roles were much different; I found myself stewarding a production of Hamlet performed in some very cold and dark caves, whilst at Hay I spent a considerable amount of time (almost too much time) with Germaine Greer. Who knows where Barnes may lead!

My background is in literature: I have just finished my English degree at the University of Bristol. That said, these past three years have been presided by film; by countless drafted and redrafted watch lists, library fines for overdue DVDs, and positions held in cinemas. I have written for the university’s online arts magazine Inter:Mission and helped launch a feminist magazine called The Parallel Magazine in which I celebrate the works of female film directors that may not have had as much attention as those of male directors.

Always trying to be a better ‘reader’ of film, I can’t wait to see what is submitted to the festival. I hope to learn a lot from the judging panel that Naomi has invited. My role at the moment is to contact youth groups across the country to submit films to the festival. Making films under the theme of the environment will certainly be an eye-opener, and I expect we will all be able to learn something from what these young filmmakers produce!




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