Politically Correct Filmmaking

“It was very pleasing to have been shortlisted into the Barnes Film Festival; those that run the festival created a platform for my voice.” Neha Khan-Dillon I am a mixed race homosexual female filmmaker. Born to a Pakistani mother and Punjabi father, whilst simultaneously immersed in Arabic lifestyle (due to us living in Dubai at […]

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Supporting #nextgenfilm

2018 marks the third year of Barnes Film Festival, without a doubt, our best year yet. We are very excited about this year’s programme and look forward to official announcements closer to the time. Our Mission Creating a film festival requires passion but also a reason, London already has plenty of fantastic festivals which offer […]

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Partnering with Festival Formula

When it comes to explaining what Festival Formula does, the crux of it is that what we do is very niche, and very needed. We are a consultancy company that helps filmmakers navigate the epic worldwide festival circuit. When most filmmaker make their first short they usually aim to step onto the festival circuit… And […]

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